The much visited Cancun and Cozemel sticks out in everyone's

mind when a vacation to Mexico is the topic but there is more

than that out there.

I went to Puerto Morelos to just relax. I work hard and play hard

also, so relaxing usually is placed on the back burner, but this

trip was supposed to be about relaxing.

This little town is south of Cancun and is off of the radar to most

travel agents and really anyone you speak to! I found it for peace

and quiet and my plan to just do NOTHING!

In Puerto Morelos there is very few vacationers but instead full

of locals and transplants from the United States or expats as they are called. There are lots of people, mostly locals riding bicycles that double as utility vehicles because they are equipped with baskets for carrying things like groceries. Most speak very little English which makes it very hard to communicate if you don't speak Spanish.

It is a Small quaint and quiet town with a local feel. The entire area Smells of the seaweed and ocean combined. The beaches are not manicured like what you would find in the resort towns like Cancun. Instead they need some tender loving care but it is not high on anyone's priority list. I'm just saying, if dipping yourself in the ocean right off the beach is what you are in search of, go somewhere other than Puerto Morelos.

The tiny street that run through the town is line with mostly villas and condos and no major hotels.  I rented a small villas ran by a local man with a very limited staff. While my accommodations were spacious, it was no four star ranking as most may be used to in the states.

The main drag had things like, locals operating make shift bar right in their front yards. The little places usually have Spanish music blurring with plenty of cold beer for sale or small stores set up in spaces no bigger than my living room back in Atlanta.

There are no major restaurants, the food is totally authentic Mexican fare. You can no doubt get your favorite quick food like a burger but expect it to be prepared Mexican style. Now I love Mexican cuisine so eating here was right up my alley.  I visited two different restaurants and had pescado and shrimp taco one meal and BBQ ribs and chicken on another occasion and both were great. The chips they served with the meals are not like any you will find in the states.

You can find the same type of water activities that you can get at the major areas just with less people. There are snorkeling and suba diving shops and they will take you out in a group or one on one for kind of VIP treatment.

This type of vacation is not for the person that prefers to be pampered, for me it is my cup of tea because I like to experience the culture of the places I visit. I want to eat, drink and play as the locals do. I enjoy walking down the street and hearing "hola hola" from the locals as they pass by. It excites me to hear the local music favorites coming out of someone's house opposed to a major chain hotel playing tracked music that is surveyed to please the guess.

So let be honest, if you are planning to lay on the beach to look up at the beautiful blue sky and soak in the clear waters of Mexico and have someone cater to your needs, all planned out and orchestrated by a large marketing firm, then book yourself in an accommodation run by a large chain in Cancun or Cozemel. But if real culture and authentic Mexican living is what you crave, then Puerto Morelos is where you want to be.

 September 20, 2015/Norman L. Payne/Up up up and Away!