The weather in December is mild, about 70 degrees at its height.
It was far too chilly, though, to take a dip in the beautiful indigo
blue water. But I needed an adventure to highlight my experience.
So I select to rent some mopeds. The island of Bermuda does
not rent automobiles to us tourist. I guess those narrow
streets and the left side driving will be too confusing for
most tourists to navigate. So a moped will have to do. It has
been several years since I have braved a moped and I knew it
was just like riding a bike. I truly thought, once I got on the
scooter I would be fine…what a surprise I got.

We decided to rent only one scooter, which was our first mistake.
We really thought this would be more fun anyway…oh no, it was
​terrifying! I took a practice run around a small parking lot and I could not really get a comfort zone, but I still believed I could do this. My wife and I had to establish some rules, they were mainly my rules, but rules they were! The main rule was, my wife could not move side to side or move her hands from my lap. The slightest movement was too much, it would throw the entire balance off and you know what comes next…crash!

The roads are so narrow; the wall on my left and traffic coming on my right was enough to call it quits on this adventure. I rode horse back through the water, I have swam with Dolphins, Sea turtles, Sting Rays and even sharks, but riding a moped in Bermuda frighten me beyond any of those other adventures. 

Check my head if you will, when I say, throw me in the water with those sharks but you can keep that moped…I rather walk! I was totally turned off from the moped and scared out of my mind, the rest of the trip was explored by city bus. The city bus goes from one end of the island to the other with an enormous amount of sightseeing. It was convenient and so much safer.

The island is divided into Parishes and little towns to support the Parishes. St. David is a small and very quiet community. Looking out any window from our villa you could get a view of the harbor with small boats scattered around on the blue waters. St David is a great place to relax and clear your mind. But its neighbor, St. George is energized. Of course it still has a small town feel with its colorful buildings, from Town Hall to churches and all of the small storefronts that lined the narrow streets.

When lunchtime came, we were commanded by more than a couple of people that the fish sandwich at Art Mel’s was not to be overlooked. I cannot resist a fish sandwich any day of the week that ends in “Y”, so I hunted for this legendary joint, until I found it. We were not dissatisfied. The fish sandwich was huge and delicious. The fish was hot and crispy with a flaky center. The bread was butcher cut, very thick but so soft, as if the bakery had just taken it out of the oven. As I reminisce, I am wondering if they will ship a sandwich to Atlanta. Okay, okay back to reality! This is a must eat while in St. George.

In downtown Hamilton it is busy like most capital cities. All through the streets people were getting holiday shopping in, taking lunch breaks from work or tourist just strolling down the street and sightseeing.

Crystal Cave is a must see, it is full of stalactites and stalagmites over 30 million years old and surrounded by see-through translucent water, they call a lake. I guess it is still a lake even if it is 140 feet underground and inside of a cave. Tiny droplets of water touches your body every now and then, they are called cave kisses. After a few cave kisses you do not want them to stop, it was like an honor to have this magnificent creation of Mother Nature drop sweet kisses on you.

There is a lot to see and do on this unique island, from caves, to the Royal Naval Dockyard, to pink sand beaches, you will understand when someone greets with, “welcome to paradise”, because it is paradise.

Norman L. Payne/December 14, 2014/Up up up and Away!