When visiting Cuba most people are excited to see the classic cars that fill the streets of Havana.

There are so many old cars in Havana that it brings up multiple questions. Who maintains these vehicles? Not just the engines but the bodies as well. I rode in one with the coldest air-conditioned cars I have ever experienced in the states, maybe colder than my own car.


After all of the years of the United States and the Cuban problems, the people of Cuba kept these cars alive!

 I'm not sure how the care of these classic cars happens. My accommodations were in the heart of the city in the Neptuno district and I did not see a mechanic anywhere. There were no one under a hood or greasy from a days work of repairing automobiles.

 The cars are cruising Havana, up and down the streets. They are not really showing off, they are just part of the fabric that makes Havana well Havana!

There were these 1950 Chevys with stereo systems installed perfectly in the dash. Speakers in this beauty lined the back window of the car with a sound so crisp and clear it was unbelievable.

Around Central Park in downtown Havana the cars are lined up on display. The colors are as vibrate as the city itself, red cars, blues ones, and deep purple, yellow and even pink cars. Who painted these cars?

Everyday there are different cars and I wonder when will they stop showing up? Just when you think you have seen them all, here comes another one.

Now I don't believe in magic, so someone has to maintain these beautiful vintage cars. The cars are well tuned up and tightened up. For the most part the cars are in great shape!

 The cars of Cuba well amaze you, excite you and intrigue you. I could not stop shooting pictures of these rare gems and you will have the same feelings!

Cuban CARS