Getting thru an airport with ease
The last thing anyone would want is more stress while traveling. If you live in a major city dealing with traffic, parking and ticket agents is enough. Most people have a pre-existing negative thought about dealing with the TSA in our airports. But it really does not have to be that way if you plan your transition thru the airport. Extra time and a positive mindset and you should be just fine.

One simple rule to go by when preparing to pass thru a security checkpoint is, “if you can do without it in the air, then do not try to get through security with it”.

This is what you may encounter going thru security at every airport:

  • You must take off your hat. So plan to show that bad hair day to all of the TSA staff and other travelers.
  • Jewelry must come off if it is made of heavy metals. Some necklaces, watches and bracelets may alarm when going thru a metal detector. Sometimes you float right thru but it is that one time that you can’t float that may tick you off a little.
  • All belts with metal buckles must come off. This may trigger a light pat down search. So just take that belt off before you some strange hands rubbing on you.
  • All shoes even sandals, flip-flops, it doesn’t matter. Wear a pair of shoes that are easy to slip off and slip on.
  • All laptops, tablets must come out of your bag and be placed in a tote.
  • Empty everything out of your pockets, money, chewing gum, wallet, boarding pass, passports, everything! You can hold your valuables in your hand like money and passport but if it has metal in it put it in a tote or one of the bowls they provide.

Allow at least 45 minutes to clear security, this does not always take that long but to keep the stress factor down just arrive early. With a little preparation getting thru security will be a breeze.

Norman L Payne/Up up up and Away!/July 16, 2015