Catching an early morning flight is always an event. You think you have planned to be ready but there is not enough time and you find yourself rushing to stay on schedule. On this morning I am headed to the Twin Cities, St. Paul and Minneapolis.


Right away I knew I was in Minnesota in the shadows of winter. But no cold was going to stop me, I am in the city of the great Prince. So I grabbed a rental car and hit the streets of Minneapolis.

I found a small diner to get some breakfast and gather my bearings. I had a few places a had to see and First Avenue & 7th Street Entry was on that list. This iconic club was depicted in the movie Purple Rain. And to this day still holds performance by some great bands.

As I walked up I got more excited as I looked at the silver stars painted on the side of the building. Each star had the name of a famous band or a great musician.  By the main entrance you will find the name of Prince, the only one painted in gold.


But the highlight of my visit to Minneapolis was Paisley Park. Yes the big white mansion and studio complex about a thirty minute drive from the Twin Cities.

When I arrived my emotions ran crazy. I was excited yet nervous and somewhat sad but happy that I had this opportunity. I walked up to 65,000 square foot building and entered into the world of music greatness we call Prince.

All throughout the building the walls are covered with gold and platinum records. There are pictures of your royal badness from all phases of his life. He had lived in this palace for over thirty years and his transformation is well documented. We walked into studios and saw his many toys we would call instruments. There is a room dedicated to the Purple Rain movie alone. There are motorcycles from Purple Rain and Graffiti Bridge. His clothes and stage outfits are everywhere, if you can name a video, you spot the outfit in one the many rooms in Paisley Park.


The thing that touched me the most were the handwritten lyrics of the first song I ever heard by Prince…Soft and Wet. This was the song that made me tell my friends that this cat was baaaad! I became a fan to this day from hearing this one song. Back to the lyrics, I got chocked up as I read the words on a notebook in his cursive writing. As I read the lyrics the sound track was playing in my head as if it was the vinyl album I owned and still have to this day.


Before you go, know what type of fan you are, meaning there are several different tour choices. There are general admission and VIP and then there is the After Dark tour. All have different cost.

Be ON TIME! If you tour starts at 8 o'clock then it will start at 8 o'clock. You can not take pictures inside so leave your camera behind. They will lock your cell phone in a pouch until the end of your tour. Be ready for your emotions, bring tissues if you are still mourning.

I enjoyed every minute and wanted more when I arrived at the end. I will go back because I am just that type of a fan!