Taking a cruise on one of the many ocean liners is an experience that you really can't fathom. Someone telling you about it will not really preparing you for what you will witness. There are so many things to do aboard a Carnival cruise, here is my short list…

  • Punchliner Comedy Club - A comedy club complete with large booths, table service and headliner type comedians. Every night there shows, some of them are PG and some are adults only.

  • Behind the Fun Tour - A tour of the ships under belly. See what makes these ships tick. From visits to the bridge, engine room and the main galley. It is topped off with commemorative souvenirs and a special photo.

  • The Chef's Table - Wine, good food and intimate group gathering is what this is all about. Join a small group of 12 for a mutli-course dinner hosted by the executive chef.

  • Dive-In Movies - Top rated movies projected on a large screen on the pool deck. You can grab a lounger, a blanket and some popcorn and cozy up for a great and different way of movie watching.

  • Shopping onboard - While out to sea the Duty Free shops are open. But not just open but most are full of discounts. On different nights there are sales on watches and assorted jewelry. Not only are there a wide range of jewelry but a good selection of spirits as well.

  • Casinos - Try your luck at the many gaming tables or pull the handle of a slot machine. You feel lucky and can't sleep, the casino is awake and waiting.

  • Spas - A vacation is not a vacation without some pampering time. Full service hair and nail salons, saunas and full body massages are available onboard most ships.

  • Being Lazy - Try doing absolutely nothing! Lay out next to the pool and enjoy the sun. Have your favorite beverage delivered to you in the hot tub and just watch the ocean roll slowly by.

These are just some of the many things that you can do onboard a Carnival Cruise and so much more!

 Norman L Payne/Up up up and Away!/April 21, 2016​