TIME SCARE new york city 

On a recent trip to New York I brought my son to hang out

with me. Since this was his first time in the Big Apple I had

to show him everything, as if that is possible to do in a

city such as New York. Nevertheless I at least tried starting

in Time Square the heart beat of New York City.

We walked and walked, up one street and down another

avenue. I decided to find somewhere we could take a

break and relax. We stumbled into a club called Time Scare.

Of course I thought it was just the name and we strolled

inside. Besides the joint had drink specials, who cares about

the name! We grabbed a table and ordered some drinks.

The place began to get crowded, people were coming in packs but they looked like someone from the Walking Dead, seriously! There were people stumbling around with open thrid, forth and fifth degree burns with flesh hanging from their faces. Women with head woons and blood trickeling down their faces. Guys with bullet wholes doting their faces. A clown so scray I promised myself that I would never go to another circus again. Dark sunken eyes and blood all around his mouth, there was nothing funny about this clown. We wondered "where did these people come from".

Time scare is just not a bar, but it is New York s only year round haunted house.  Just above the bar is a state-of-the-art haunted house. You can take an one-of-a-kind tour through this cutting-edge haunted experience that is guaranteed to scare you…maybe to death!

This is so dear to me because I was born so close to Halloween on October 30th. I kind of adore horror, yes strange I know! If you also have a fondness for a little fright in your life then Time Scare is for you! Stop in, I dare you!

Norman L. Payne/Up up up and Away!/September 20, 2015​