Traveling abroad is an exciting and wonderful experience. But the entire trip can become a chore if you are unsure on how your US dollars relate to another countries currency. It can be confusing ..... (READ MORE)

The last thing anyone would want is more stress while traveling. If you live in a major city dealing with traffic, parking and ticket agents is enough. Most people have a pre-existing negative thought about dealing with the TSA..... (READ MORE)

Exchange Rates/Money Conversions 

How to get a Passport 


Going to the beach is one of my favorite things to do in this world. There is no doubt; I am a “water sign”. I love the water rolling up on the shore and then running back out to the ocean. I love the sand on my feet and between my toes. I also love snorkeling.......(READ MORE)

As I casually talked to people about my travels, I have come to learn that a large majority of the people I knew did not have a passport book. At first I thought, maybe it is just the people that I am talking too..... (READ MORE)


How to get thru an airport with ease 

Off to the Beach/What to Pack